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3 Steps To A Healthy Body

People often associate getting in shape with putting in a lot of hours at the gym. While the gym can get you results you want, you won’t get anywhere without also taking a hard look at your diet. Diet can make or break your exercise routine.

Think pasta will fuel your workout? Think again. In order to get you the best results for your body, you need to take a holistic approach to health. Personal training with Method Fitness can get you the results you want, and teach you about proper nutrition that will only strengthen your fitness routine.

Consider these three steps to a healthy body:

  1. Purge anything unhealthy in your diet. While it may be tempting to resort to comfort foods and dig into that cookie jar, your body won’t thank you for these snacks. Instead, if you are hungry, consider drinking a glass of water or having a snack such as hardboiled eggs (remove the egg yolks to only save the egg whites) or some organic vegetables with hummus.

  2. Clean out your kitchen. Remove any items containing processed, fat-filled, sugary ingredients. Don’t eat junk food, but instead focus on healthy, clean eating to supplement your workouts! You’ll see consistent results if you eat properly before, during and after workouts.

  3. Eat organic, whole foods. When you open the fridge, you should see plenty of raw and cooked vegetables, lean meats, and fresh fruits. Always keep some nuts and snacks handy during meals to keep your energy levels high.

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